Gluten Free Pub Grub at The Next Act Pub

Steve writes in about The Next Act Pub and how they are working towards a gluten free menu:

The Next Act Pub by the Old Strathcona farmers market in Edmonton has recently started to serve gluten free options. Currently they only have a gluten free poutine on their menu, at first they started to serve gluten free gravy as an option but have since switched to gluten free gravy on their regular poutine as well. While they only have one option on the menu the servers and kitchen staff are very knowledgeable about cross contamination and take the needs of a celiac very seriously. There are very few restaurants that I would trust to adapt something on their menu for me but The Next Act pub is definitely one of them. Theu last time that I was there they made a gluten free steak sandwich for me. I was not expecting any bread with it but the server came back to me after delivering the order to the kitchen to let me know that they had some gluten free bread and asked if I would like to try it. In the end I had a wonderful steak served on gluten free bread and could not have been more pleased with their understanding and willingness to make sure my meal was both delicious and gluten free.

While they are still experimenting with gluten free options I expect the them to add lots to their menu in the near future. We heard that they were looking in to gluten free beers.

Quick Followup on this post:

The Next Act Pub carries gluten fee buns for an extra $1.  They also carry Estrella Celiac beer on their menu along with some Gluten Free Ciders

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  1. I never heard of this place. I will have to check it out

  2. I had a GF burger on a soft tasty GF bun a few weeks ago - with GF poutine - sooooo good!

  3. They have GF buns or you brought your own? I will go there tomorrow if they have GF buns. Is it pretty expensive?

  4. Our understanding is that they carry gf buns, either Udi's or the new kinnikinnick soft buns.

  5. Yeah I checked out their twitter. They have kinnikinnick buns

  6. Thanks for the shout out! We have quite a few options on the menu which either are GF or can be made GF with GF bread / bun for only $1 extra. Come check it out! Also we do have the Estrella celiac beer on our menu along with some GF ciders :)

  7. I just ate at the next act on Friday and it was a great experience. You can substitute chicken for any of their burgers and they come on a tasty gluten free bun for a dollar extra! Any of their sides are good to go and lots of cider choices. I highly recommend.


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