Do you use beans and lentils for gluten free baking and cooking?

This is going to be a pretty quick and short post about beans and lentils. To my surprise, you can actually bake with them. Our first experience is buying some lentil crackers from Bulk Barn's gluten free section. We took a chance with them, and didn't know what to expect. Lets just say we went back and bought 4 more! They had a great crispy texture to them. I topped a few with some goat cheese and really enjoyed a nice after dinner snack. I have also seen these crackers sold at Winners.

Funny enough after trying these, one of our readers shared a pretty interesting resources for beans and lentils. It's the Alberta Pulse Association, and their website has recipe and cooking tips. Not only that, they have a free download specifically for gluten free recipes. Recipes for baking and cooking, from chilis to banana bread. The recipe book talks about the different types of beans, lentils and chickpeas and the health benefits. Beyond recipes, it even has tips of how to use beans in a gluten free diet to spruce up meals.

Click here for the Recipes page or click here to open up the recipe book directly.

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