I love awesome gluten free baking! - Wild Earth Bakery

Gluten free baked goods at Wild Earth Bakery and Cafe
While I know I've written about diabetes combined with gluten free dietary needs, I have not written yet about my personal love of cookie. Not only is my dogs name affectionately "cookie" (for real, not even kidding on that one), but I truly love a great fresh hot out of the oven cookie.

I love how they melt in your mouth. I love how they crumble into a billion tiny pieces. I just love cookies. All of this being said, the truth comes out....some gluten free cookies are horrible! They just are. I admit, having tried various so-called regular recipes in hopes that I could simply swap out the gluten filled flour for Bob's red mill gluten free flour, I have ended up frustrated and angry at my lack of cookie baking skills.

Gluten free brownies we tried at Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe
Well, I found or I should actually say was reunited with an old favorite of mine this past weekend. After going to Culina Restaurant and enjoying a lovely gluten free friendly brunch with friends, we walked next door to Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe and continued our eating along 99st in Edmonton. Wild Earth has a variety of different gluten free baked goods, including macaroons, cookies, biscotti, brownies, crispy rice squares,muffins and on and on. They even have a vegan granola bar that a friend chose to buy.

My personal favorite at Wild Earth are the cookies. Mmm so big and tasty. Admittedly I find that figuring out the carbohydrate content of these super big, ooey gooey hot out of the oven cookies is beyond seriously challenging. I take a wild guess, test my blood sugar, retest and hope for the best (and test again just to be sure).

I meant to get a picture of my favorite cookie from Wild Earth but let's be honest here...I couldn't even wait to dig into it long enough for Abisaac to grab the Blackberry and snap a picture, I just love those cookie's so so much. I guess I'll just have to go back there and get myself another one of their super tasty cookies (or other fabulous gluten free baked goods), you know, in order to get a photo for all of our loyal readers out there. Of course, I'm only doing this for you guys (wink wink).

So a big thank you goes out to Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe in Edmonton for continuing to serve some of the best gluten free baked goods available.

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