Rasoee, Indian food on the go at Edmonton's South Gate Mall

Rasoee - Indian Kitchen

Rasoee Regional Office
1030 West Georgia Street, Suite 1410
Vancouver, BC V6E 2Y3
T: 604.629.2935

Sometimes, eating at a food court can be a real challenge when eating gluten free. One place we have had success at is Rasoee - The Indian Kitchen, currently located at South Gate Mall's newly renovated food court. We've already discovered that many Indian meals are gluten free and have felt comfortable ordering from their menu.

The butter chicken and curried peas with paneer (soft cheese) has been a staple for us at Rasoee.

Remember to always ask questions before ordering and do not order if you do not feel comfortable with the answers given, or you don't feel that the server has an understanding of gluten free terminology.

An important fact about Rasoee is that their food is actually prepared off-site at central locations, so you can also contact their regional offices for more detailed information about their menu and be confident with the answers you receive.

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