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New Asian Village
Growing up I always thought that I couldn't eat Indian food. I thought it was the spices that were used in Indian cooking that always left me with a stomach ache. However, now that I am eating gluten free I decided to give Indian food another try....and go figure, there are loads of gluten free choices and I love it!

I learned that the reason my stomach always hurt after eating Indian food was not because of the spices used, but instead it was because the items I was choosing to eat. In an effort to avoid the "spicy stuff" I was choosing items like naan bread, samosas etc....all of which contain glutenous flour! Eek!

To think that all these years I truly believed that the spices were the culprit of my stomach troubles after eating Indian food, when in reality I was missing out on a huge variety of gluten free options, full of flavor, texture and enjoyment.

I figured this huge error out based on the help I received from the wonderful people at New Asian Village (West end location). I know that many Celiacs will not eat from a buffet, and normally neither would I, but I love the buffet at New Asian Village.

To ensure my health and safety I always seek out the manager at the restaurant and ask him/her to walk through the buffet selections with me. I explain my gluten free dietary restrictions and ask that they point out to me each of the foods that are gluten free and explain to me what ingredients were used to make them. This ensures these foods are safe for me to eat and enjoy.

The team at New Asian Village is well versed in the ingredients of all of their menu items as well as buffet items and if they are at all unsure they are quick to ask the chefs to ensure safety. I truly appreciate this willingness to help out a customer and to ask when unsure, truly making New Asian Village a gluten free friendly restaurant. To me, this quality is a great asset to the restaurant. It leaves me feeling safe and cared for.

My favorite buffet item is the Vegetable Korma, but there are tons of other super tasty gluten free items to choose from. I also love the way they cook their Vegetable Pakoras, they are made with chick pea flour and therefore I can eat them. There are many many more Indian dishes that I have now added to my list of favorite foods, thanks to the knowledge and helpfulness of the team at New Asian Village.

Let us know of any other Indian Restaurants that have been gluten free friendly to you! Email us at with details.

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  1. I am looking forward to visit the place one day. I will be expecting sumptuous and authentic Asian cuisine from the restos.

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