Celiac Disease Tax Credit on Gluten Free Products for Canadians

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It is tax season, and after some research online through some of my Twitter followers, I learned that the IRS in the United States offers a tax credit on gluten free products for people diagnoses for Celiac.  It took me all of one quick search to find the same is true for for Celiac suffers living in Canada.

Canada Revenue Agency has a Celiac Disease Medical Expense, that provides a credit on the premium paid on items specifically marketed as gluten free.

So if you are diagnosed Celiac and are living in Edmonton (or anywhere in Canada), be sure to let your accountant know about your Celiac diagnosis and the Celiac medical expense.  If you are just learning about this now, be sure to keep all your future receipts for gluten free purchases

Click here to be directed to the Canada Revenue Agency site that has a full explanation of the expense


  1. Hey, by chance would you know if the Edmonton Celiac Association is hosting a tax session again for 2011?

  2. I'm looking into it for you now.



  3. I would be interested to know how many people actually do this...it seems like a lot of work...keeping receipts, having to show how much you spent above the price of a "comparable" non gluten free food...is it worth the effort?

  4. Hi Beth,

    I did not find it too difficult to keep reciepts. just a matter of remembering. However, Is the comparable pricing that will be tasking. I am using an accountant, so I'll see how that goes. This is the first time we are doing this.


    --Abisaac Saraga


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